I crafted a multi-year franchise plan as a means for all team members to synchronize and coordinate work on Stranger Things.  This enabled all internal divisions to share and visualize the cadence of activations.  As a companion piece to the franchise plan, I created a Stranger Things brand bible to help guide internal and external partners around the world. The brand bible lays out the DNA of the brand, the details that make Stranger Things so familiar yet original, and also includes a comprehensive analysis of the series' fan base.

Having established the big picture road map for the series, I then worked to secure world-building partnerships for Stranger Things that allow fans to experience the intellectual property in new, and more personal ways. Collaborating with Matt & Ross, we developed original storylines for partners to explore that would be additive to the Stranger Things world.  I anchored publishing with Penguin Random House and comics & graphic novels with Dark Horse to provide trusted creative partners with global distribution.  I also signed Telltale Games to develop the next version of their signature branching narrative games for Stranger Things, which will give fans an immersive and personal Stranger Things experience.  

All these projects were strategically planned as bridge content for fans between seasons 2 and 3, paving the way to increase the success of this amazing entertainment franchise well into the future.