More Work


Forest Gump @ paramount pictures

During my tenure at Paramount Pictures we licensed one of the first themed entertainment dining experiences, the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company Restaurant & Market. In the film, Bubba affectionately speaks of this idea to Forest Gump; the creative was to bring this to life authentically in the real world.  Working with our partner, Rusty Pelican, we creatively defined the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company restaurant concept, which involved everything from location design, archival film elements, menu, uniforms, marketing and above all else the guest experience, to ensure we stayed true to Bubba’s vision and southern hospitality. Additionally, I oversaw the brand strategy and creative development of all merchandise for the restaurant chain, which we scaled to a global operation as more locations were added.

The original location in Monterey, California that opened in 1996 has evolved into a a multi-continent business now encompassing 42 locations around the world from California to Tokyo.


Bob Marley's 1Love @ branding inc.

I was honored to work with Marley family’s 1Love Foundation. Over the course of our relationship, I worked to re-shape the 1Love brand, enhance engagement and affinity between consumers and the Foundation, and to spread the word about 1Love’s mission to help those in need around the world.

Upon our initial evaluation, it became clear that 1Love’s message needed to be clarified and focused. 1Love’s mission is to realize the promises that Bob Marley sang about in his lyrics, and spoke so passionately about in his interviews. Bob Marley wanted to unite a global community that would stand up and build a better world for this and future generations. It’s a BIG idea, and one that really appealed to potential partners because it wasn’t focused on any one issue, thereby enabling us to create unique campaigns with partners. 


First Artist Foundation @ Branding inc.

I was excited to join the First Artist Bank team, founded by musician and entrepreneur Dave Steward, and develop the First Artist Foundation, a non-profit focused on helping artists build sustainable careers in the arts. The vision was to inform and educate artists about the business of being a creative through an eLearning platform with an array of custom courses designed specifically to guide and educate Artists about the business of the Arts. The platform was designed to be the center of a cross-discipline community of artists and creative-business minded individuals wanting to support each other and the arts.


cabbages & Roses @ Branding inc.

Cabbages & Roses is a quintessential English country brand known for beautifully eclectic fashion collections and inspired vintage home ranges that exude comfort and style.  I was engaged to hone and package the brand for partners that could extend the offering of products for the Cabbages & Roses fashion and lifestyle brand.

Our efforts on behalf of Cabbages & Roses raised awareness for the company and their product lines, signed a publishing deal, brought new C&R products into the market, and developed a strong following of brand advocates well beyond their UK fan base.