Storyworlds - The Foundation of Fandom

Gone are the days of regurgitating the entertainment storyline for all mediums, fans want more…much more!

Developing an IP franchise in todays multi-media world takes a more integrated and fan-centric strategy. The foundation of which is a storyworld. When developing entertainment (series or film) a primary linear storyline is defined and the process of establishing “canon” begins. If the intent is to expand the intellectual property (IP) into other mediums, such as publishing, interactive, live events and games, it is vital to create original yet complementary storylines for these mediums. Further establishing characters, their motivations and back stories, and expanding the depth of the world and its timeline thereby creates a storyworld for the IP.

A storyworld enables fans to engage with an IP in new and interesting ways across multiple mediums. Imagine learning more about a character in a novel that wasn’t apparent in the original entertainment. Or uncovering a new area of a world in a mobile game. The ability to surprise and delight fans on new levels as they embark on a journey of discovery across multiple experiences cultivates discussion and debate and, in doing so builds a passionate community around an IP.

I develop multi-media global franchises in collaboration with creatives, and in a manner that is additive to the brand and advantageous to the longevity of an IP. I’ve had the privilege of working on some of the most fan loved entertainment properties of all time; Harry Potter, Star Trek, Supergirl and Stranger Things. This experience has enabled me to truly connect and learn from some of the most avid fandoms. Fans want to be immersed in a world, they want personalized experiences and they want to connect with others who share their same passion. Strategically developing an IP with a storyworld at the foundation provides limitless opportunities to be highly creative while ensuring all efforts are faithful and build the IP over the long-term. This is the future of building global franchises.